No Deposit Free Casino Bonus – No Deposit Bonus Codes 2023

Most times, South African casino players — especially the newer players — are skeptical about depositing real money at an online casino. As a result, they are always looking for a way to test the waters without committing real money at an online casino. Fortunately, many online casinos in South Africa offer a specific online gambling bonus that is designed with such players in mind; it is known as the no deposit bonus.

The no deposit bonus is a popular type of bonus that allows you to play your preferred game at an online casino and win real cash without depositing any funds. Various casino sites use the no deposit bonus to lure traders into creating accounts with them instead of their competitors.

Here at, we are committed to reviewing the various types of no deposit bonuses and how to make the best use of them.

Welcome Bonus
100% up to $1500
+ 300 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
100% up to €500
+ 200 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
100% up to €1000
+ 1000 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
100% up to $1000
+ 200 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
100% up to €500
+ 600 Free Spins
4.5 / 5
Welcome Bonus
100% up to €500
+ 100 Free Spins
4.5 / 5

How does a no deposit bonus work?

Whenever you are looking to claim the no deposit bonus, the first step to take is to ensure you properly understand how the no deposit bonus works. The reason is that the no deposit bonus, just like most online gaming bonuses, comes with many terms and conditions.

It is appalling that most players in South Africa only claim their free no deposit bonus without paying apt attention to how the bonus works, probably because it is often a small amount. But many of these players fail to understand that this type of online casino bonus can immediately earn you your first winning streak.

The no deposit can be likened to a gift from the casino to the players for completing the registration process. As a result, it works seamlessly: the players are only required to sign up with the casino.

The no deposit bonus does not affect your welcome bonus or any other form of online gaming bonus. It simply allows players to get to know the essential features of an internet casino, including the available games, how the games work, available bonuses, and the casino’s gaming interface. With the No Deposit Bonus, the player is always permitted to wager on real games and is technically permitted to keep any winnings from playing.

The initial intention of this type of online gambling bonus offer is to allow players to test the waters before committing real funds. It also offers players the opportunity to check what kind of games the casino offers, how the games work, what kind of ongoing bonuses there are, and generally get an overall feeling about the casino.

What is the registration process to collect a No Deposit Casino Bonus?

Getting access to the no deposit bonus requires a hassle-free process. First, register with the casino and ensure that you meet the required terms and conditions of the offer. Provided that the entire registration is completed, you will have your bonus credited to your account.

Registering for an account involves entering simple details like your name, email, home address, phone number, username, and password. You may also have to enter a bonus code if the casino requires one.

What are the terms and conditions for no deposit bonuses in South Africa?

All the various bonuses offered by South African online casinos come with their specific terms and conditions. The no deposit is not an exception as several fundamental terms and conditions must be met before a player can be eligible for the no deposit bonus. The terms and conditions for no deposit bonuses in South Africa include the following:

  1. The wagering requirements
  2. The validity of the bonus
  3. The maximum cash out
  4. The permitted games for the no deposit bonus
  5. The no deposit casinos bonus codes

Do terms and conditions apply to all no deposit bonuses?

All casino no deposit bonuses come with their bonus terms and conditions to avoid giving away free money to unqualified players. Terms and conditions provide clarity about what should happen in any given situation. They set out the key commercial terms the casino is offering its clients. The terms and conditions that are applied to all free no deposit bonuses outline the rules and regulations that must be met before a player could earn the no deposit bonus. In the absence of these rules and regulations, South African online casinos would quickly go bankrupt from the abuse they would suffer at the hands of bonus hunters.

Why Free No Deposit Bonuses Are Worth It

They’re completely free!

The no deposit bonuses are entirely and do not require the player to deposit any funds to claim them.

You can explore and try out new games!

There is a wide selection of games that can be played with the no deposit bonus. Sometimes it is dependent on the games available at your online casino of choice.

You can win real money!

Unlike some internet gaming bonuses that are only designed for practice purposes, the no deposit bonus allows you to practice and win real cash in the process.

You can claim as many as you like!

While there is a maximum cash-out limit on the no deposit bonus, South African players are allowed to claim as much bonus as they want.

Different types of no deposit bonus

Free cash

As the name implies, the free cash no deposit bonus is the type of bonus that comes in the form of a cash deposit into your account. It can be used to play the casino game of your choice as it gives new players money to explore the site and try a few online games on the house. Generally, this type of bonus is usually a smaller amount, and it varies with each internet casino. This bonus allows the player to see which casino games they prefer to play and win real cash.

Free spins

The no deposit free spins are another common type of no deposit bonus. This type of online casino bonus is explicitly designed for slot games. They allow players in South Africa to play various slot games. However, the terms and conditions often state which slot games the free spins will be used on.
The no deposit free spins bonuses offer an awesome way to encourage amateur slot game players to test out the waters without risking their funds in the process.
While the monetary value of the free spins is relatively small, it is enough to draw the player’s interest to deposit more funds and continue playing.

Free play

The free play bonuses are similar to free spins bonuses, except that the player will need to use their no deposit free spins within a certain time frame. Therefore, it is less common when compared with other forms of no deposit bonuses. The most crucial factor to consider with the free play no deposit bonus is time. This is because the free play no deposit bonus is time-dependent. As such, it gives players a certain amount of free cash or free spins to play a game of a selection of online casino games with a given period, which can range from minutes to an hour or more. During the allocated time, payers are only allowed to play with a specified amount of the bonus.

Mobile Exclusive

Some casino bonuses are only available on mobile casino sites. This is the case with the Mobile Exclusive bonus; it is a form on the no deposit bonus that is only available on mobile devices. Casinos often utilize the Mobile Exclusive bonus to encourage players to try out their mobile sites or casino app. To achieve this, the casino would make an exciting no deposit bonus to be only available on their mobile gaming platform, thus prompting players to visit their mobile site or download their casino app to claim the bonus. The mobile-exclusive is available in various forms, including free cash, free spins, and free play.
It is important to note that the mobile exclusive bonus is entirely risk-free as a type of the no deposit bonus. Unfortunately, the mobile-exclusive bonus is not available to players on the desktop platforms. Another exciting feature of the mobile-exclusive bonus is that you can enjoy the game of your choice while on the go using your mobile smartphone devices.

Cashback Bonus

The cashback bonus is another popular type of no deposit bonus. The cashback bonus allows players to get the percentage of their losses credited back to their online gaming accounts. This can encourage you to bet a little more even after losing. However, since the cashback bonus requires you to make a deposit into your account and wager your funds, accepting it as a form of a no deposit bonus may be a hard pill to swallow. However, the truth is that the no deposit bonus — just like every other no deposit bonus — is entirely risk-free. Moreover, the cashback bonus is also available in different forms: some cashback bonuses offer a cashback in specific betting situations, and others offer a certain percentage of losses back.

Live Casino Bonus

The live casino bonus — as the name implies — is the type of no deposit bonus that is offered to new casino players to use on their favorite live table games. The exciting thing about the live casino bonus is that it is available to play in real-time, and it is tailored specifically for players who prefer live dealer games. In addition, the live casino bonuses will give a boost to your bankroll so that you can play your favorite games longer.

How To Claim No Deposit Bonus in 3 steps:

Time needed: 3 minutes.

  1. Search for a No Deposit Bonus:

    The first step to take when you are looking to claim your no deposit bonus is to carefully choose the bonus type that is most suitable for you and click to get started.

  2. Register your personal details:

    Once you have selected your preferred no deposit bonus type, the next step is to sign up by simply filling in your details. You can do this by clicking on the register tab.

  3. Start Playing!:

    After registration, you are ready to start playing with your bonus. To do that, you should select the game of your choice from the selection of games and get started with the real stuff.

Advantages of Using No Deposit Casino Bonus

Several online gambling bonuses are available in South African online casinos, but the free no deposit bonuses keep increasing in popularity for obvious reasons. It is considered one of the best rewards you can get from a casino: it allows players to play their online games of choice without risking their funds. The no deposit casino is vastly unlike some online gaming bonuses that are designed to give players more playing time in a bid to hone their gaming skills without necessarily winning real money. Instead, it allows traders to play and win real money if they get lucky with their games — all without depositing any cash or offering their credit card details.

Another exciting advantage of the no deposit is the ease of claiming your bonus. You only have to create a casino account to claim your no deposit bonus. As we know, creating an online gambling account takes less than five minutes. And it requires only an email address and a valid mobile number. So often, people are put off by the need to spend money paying the minimum deposit amount on a site they are not sure about yet. Interestingly, the free no deposit bonus allows players to try out a wide variety of gambling games, including slot games, to see whether or not an online casino game meets their needs.

Another benefit of a no deposit bonus is that you can develop a winning strategy that you can use later when playing for real money. The no deposit bonus cash can be used by amateur players to learn various games, including slots, and learn how they work before playing for real money. Apart from learning about the games offered by the casino, the no deposit bonus offers you time to learn about the casino. For instance, with the no deposit bonus, you can get to know if the internet casino is optimized for mobile devices.

Finally, Suppose you are like many players in the casino gaming industry who are skeptical about depositing their funds into new online casinos for the first time. In that case, the no deposit bonus could easily become the right option for you: the no deposit offers you the chance to check out the online casino play your desired online casino games without depositing any funds.


  • Deposit not required
  • Players can win real cash provided that they meet the wagering requirements
  • The free no deposit bonus games help to build trust
  • They allow players to explore the more popular games for free
  • They allow players to evaluate and discover a new casino
  • No risk of losing real money
  • A chance to familiarize yourself with the basic rules of a particular game
  • They allow you to try out several online games without having to spend real cash
  • There is no need to provide any banking information to get your bonus
  • No obligations


  • It has wagering requirements
  • Some games are restricted from the no deposit bonus
  • No deposit bonus have time restrictions

Do I Need a Code to Receive No Deposit Bonus?

Fundamentally, there are two broad ways to redeem our no deposit bonus, and they include automatically and with the bonus code.


This is one of the most common ways that players can use to redeem their no deposit bonus. This model allows you to redeem your no deposit bonus easily. With the no deposit bonus, your bonus can get credited into your account automatically. The fun fact about the automatic no deposit bonus model is that it saves you the stress of redeeming your bonus without codes or even involving the accounting department of your gaming casino. It is designed with convenience in mind as it only requires you to register your account and be able to withdraw your bonus instantly.

Bonus Codes

This is another way of redeeming your no deposit bonus. But this method requires an extra step, which is the introduction of the bonus code. The bonus code is often in the form of numbers and letters that you are required to arrange in the correct sequence.
With the bonus codes, the online casino requires the player to input a bonus code to be able to withdraw their no deposit casino bonuses. The process is straightforward: when claiming the free no deposit bonus, you need to enter the corresponding code in the appropriate field, and the bonus funds will automatically be transferred to your account if all other requirements, including the bonus terms and conditions, are met.

Frequently Asked Questions About No Deposit Bonuses

Who is eligible to get free no deposit bonuses?

Since the free no deposit bonus is credited to clients’ accounts before they make their initial deposits, it is safe to say that the no deposit bonus is best suited for all new players who register with an online casino. These new players are eligible for the no deposit bonus immediately after signing up with an online casino.

Can I win real money with no deposit bonus?

Yes, you can win real cash with the no deposit bonus. The ability to make money while using the no deposit bonus is one of its edges over some other common online bonus types. You can play selected games using your no deposit spins or bonus money, win money and then complete the wagering requirements to withdraw real money. Even though you are playing with free spins, the wins you land will be bonus money converted to real money that you can cash out when you meet the wagering requirements. To turn a no deposit bonus into real money, you need to meet the terms and conditions, including the wagering requirements set by the casino. Since the no deposit bonus requires making no deposit, the wagering requirements are typically high. Some casinos can set high wagering requirements of up to 50X of the no deposit bonus amount.

What is a no deposit bonus, and is it really free?

The free no deposit bonus is better seen as free money that online casinos offer new clients when they complete their registration. It does not require you to make any deposit to receive it, and as such, it is entirely free.

Where can I find the best no deposit bonuses?

You can find various no deposit bonuses on most of the best online gaming sites in South Africa, including yebo casino. Sign up with the casino of your choice to access these bonuses. Additionally, here at, we are committed to reviewing and bringing the online casinos that offer the best no deposit bonuses to your fingertips; all you have to do is signup with any of the casinos on our review list to get the best no deposits available in the South African internet casino industry.

Can you keep your winnings from no deposit bonuses?

Yes, you can keep all your winnings from no deposit bonuses safely in your account. This is so because the no deposit bonus allows you to win real cash that can be withdrawn using the available payment methods or stored in your account for further gameplays.

What kinds of no deposit casino bonuses can I claim?

There are various no deposit bonuses available in most SA online casinos, and they include the following: free cash, free spins, free play, mobile-exclusive, and cashback bonuses. You are at liberty to choose the type of no deposit bonus that is best suited for you. The free spins is best suited for slot games on the available slot machines.

What’s the difference between a Free No Deposit Bonus and a Sign Up Bonus?

The free no deposit bonus is an online gambling bonus that allows online casino players to play casino games for free and win real money without risking any of their funds. In contrast, the signup bonus is an online casino bonus that is designed for new customers upon creating a new account at a South African casino site.

Can I claim a no deposit bonus on my mobile phone?

Yes, no deposit bonuses and bonus codes are available on mobile devices and work the same way as they do on desktops and other online gaming platforms. Interestingly, Some casino bonuses, such as the Mobile Exclusive no deposit bonuses, are only available on the mobile casino sites as they work only on compatible mobile phones.